On 22.10. it's that time again and Filtech, the largest and most important filtration event in the world, opens its doors in Cologne. This fair is a must for anyone involved in the distribution, development and research of filtration and separation products. TWE will present the product innovation ParaHyd at Filtech.

Already in July 2015, the first cornerstone for this promising project was laid. The name of the new filter nonwoven is derived from the production technology "hydroentangled".

In order to be able to comply with the new ISO 16890 filter standard and to improve the products in this area, our R & D team has been working hard on the product and is now presenting the result at its booth in Cologne.

Until the new standard was introduced, TWE produced only filter nonwovens that was used for coarse air filtration - we were unable to produce fine filtration nonwovens due to the lack of technology. In order to expand our portfolio in this area, it was essential to offer products of this kind in the future as well.

So starts a major project for a new development of a filter nonwoven. Since 2017, our development has been working in collaboration with the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI) on two research projects, some of which are funded. After a few months of development and satisfactory results, it was time to produce the products on our specially converted AquaJet plant in Dierdorf. These trials went well.

The new development is so special that we have registered a patent for the technology. Because the hydroentanglement, we achieve a positive mechanical connection of multiple nonwoven fabric layers in which can be dispensed with the use of chemicals or adhesive for bonding the layers. This allows us to achieve better efficiency, because the open areas are not closed. The up to five nonwoven fabric layers positively influence the dust storage capacity. In addition, work is currently underway to improve the energy label.

The new products are used in bag filters or pleated filters, especially for the area of ​​ventilation and air conditioning systems. During development, we also realized that the new nonwovens are also ideal for use in the engine compartment of vehicles as air filters. But we also are working currently on other applications such as fuel filters or AdBlue or internal tank filters.

Find out more about our new products from 22.-24.10.2019 at our booth E2 in hall 11.1.