Some time ago, we were able to give the answer as to how we clearly define demand for innovation, future markets, and applications of TWE nonwoven solutions.

To enable us to communicate more effectively with you as our customers, we have built the TWE Solution City as a virtual city! This city of the future features all our product markets and applications, you can see where our products are used and the benefits of different solutions for today and tomorrow.

It is designed to clearly demonstrate to you that our nonwoven solutions help to improve the quality of your products in virtually every aspect of life, and can serve as the basis for your future success.

Embark on a voyage of discovery through the various applications and markets in different districts of the TWE Solution City - you will come across our city of the future and its further developments here on the internet, at trade fairs and in our communication. We are happy to work with you to plan and design solutions for the city - and thus the world - of tomorrow, to maintain a liveable environment for us all.

Visit us and discover our TWE Solution City at trade fairs in 2017: BAU, INDEX, EWMA or Techtextil.