In the summer of 2015, first-year apprentices met in Emsdetten to get to know one another. Over the course of the two days, in addition to some exciting assignments, the focus was on teamwork and communication. After all, learning about 'networking' is one of the most important things that will define subsequent success in the job – and we all want that. It was with excitement that we learned about our project assignment at the end of the second day. We will work on this throughout the first year of training and (as was later revealed) keep it properly on track. Our assignment is to make a video. It will be about our own apprentices promoting the apprenticeship at TWE and so showing the world how varied the apprenticeship is, and how international the TWE Group is.

Various meetings following in Emsdetten and Dierdorf, and the first screenplay was soon ready. "Away from the mainstream – we are authentic!" is the slogan, and the screenplay is particularly impressive in that it is completely different from what was expected. Rather than simply explaining what we do here, it is important to us to bring the audience into the heart of the experience: What would YOUR first day at TWE be like? Viewers experience what the first day at TWE will be like from the perspective of an apprentice, and are given a guided of the plant by an apprentice from one of the older intakes. It thus relates to all apprentices across the current apprentice positions, and provides information about what those individuals are working on within the business.

At our meeting in Dierdorf, we first realised ourselves how unbelievably varied TWE is. Not everyone thinks of artificial leather when they think about nonwovens! And so we were amazed when we got a guided tour through the plant. The benefits of the network are particularly evident during the evening, because going out to eat together is just as much a part of it as the effective collaboration.

By the end of August the time had come to: start filming! There are lots more conferences, consultations and changes to make sure we were really well prepared on the day of filming. During the filming itself, we had active support from two apprentices from a marketing agency in Wuppertal. So the two areas of demand were brought together optimally: knowledge of the job coupled with expertise in the filming business.

A small jump in time: Today, we finally have the first cut of the film, and it's great to finally get our hands on the three-and-a-half-minute result.
The film itself reveals the world of TWE briefly and concisely. Meet the different apprentices yourself, see how they do their jobs – in management and in production. Experience how varied TWE is – see what happens during working hours and what goes on once work finishes. Some small adjustments are currently being made to the film, and as soon as it's ready it will be shown for the first time on the new website, as well as on YouTube. See video here