In car interiors, you can find our nonwovens virtually everywhere. They act, for example, as acoustic absorbers behind the boot lining or in the ABC pillars to make the driving experience as enjoyable as possible by minimising the noise level. 

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Water jet-reinforced nonwoven material that sits invisibly behind leather or fabric lining protects valuable surfaces during the plastic injection moulding process. Our acoustic absorber not only ensure quiet in the vehicle interior, they can also be integrated directly next to airbags and pyrotechnic seatbelt tensioners, because they have low flammability.

Mechanical reinforcement to create a smooth, even product also guarantees successful design of dashboards and door/side trims, where our nonwovens can also help to optimise the plastic injection moulding process and enhance high quality surfaces.

Additionally, some of our nonwovens are meshed in a patented process, creating products that are distinguished by their excellent draping and recovery properties. They are found in the roof lining as well as the seat. The use of TWE Caliweb enables an excellent soft touch effect to be achieved. It is made from 100% PET fibres, and so is fully recyclable. In the seating area, our needled nonwovens are used particularly in combination with seat heating, and offer optimum comfort. Finally, our products are also found in the floor assembly where they can be used as high quality and durable floor coverings for velours/tufted carpets. Whether visible or invisible, TWE Group nonwovens can be used in the boot, on the back of many side panel trims, parcel shelves, load floors and boot liners or in the ABC pillars. Virtually all our materials can be used as a covering nonwoven or acoustic absorber. Our nonwovens invisibly support successful design in many vehicles, across all classes.