What do you expect of your clothing when skiing? It's obvious: It needs to feel warm, and look sporty. This combination seemed to be unattainable for a long time, because good insulation can be achieved only with a large volume of down. So it's great that our Isosoft products not only boast insulation materials with excellent insulation results, they also bring you other fantastic benefits.

Rather than relying on down, we use polyester fibres. That brings the enormous benefit that they take up very little space and can be recycled – with excellent results. Our nonwoven ensures that you are not only dressed warmly, but that you also have soft clothing that allows you to pursue your favourite sport without problem.

And at work too, you can rely on Isosoft products without problem. Rather than simply providing warmth like traditional clothing insulation does, our product can be enhanced with chemical of film lamination. This leaves you not only nice and comfortably dressed, you are also protected against fire – because the special composition and finish of Isosoft FR mean it has low flammability (in accordance with ISO).

If you require extra-snuggly clothing – Isosoft 707 is excellent for super-soft applications. As the result of a special manufacturing process and particular treatment of the nonwoven, it offers you maximum feel-good moments and protects you from getting cold in the winter.