About a fabric that isn't a fabric

Engineers call it "nonwoven textile fabric“. In common parlance, they are known as nonwovens. In terms of their material definition, they sit somewhere between textiles and paper, between felt, film and leather. They use the benefits of natural materials coupled with the possibilities of modern fibre chemistry – endlessly versatile and with constantly new versions that virtually no other material enables. Whether fire-resistant or malleable, light-fast or conductive, thick or thin – nonwovens can be designed and manufactured to meet all demands, and in a number of property profiles. High-strength or extremely fine, abrasion-resistant or breathable, water-repellent or weather-resistant. Nonwovens can be tailored to more than 40 physical, chemical and technically relevant profile requirements. No wonder then that nonwovens' applications are virtually endless.

Read here about how we have worked with our customers to develop innovative products, solutions and applications covering exciting topics within the TWE Group, and the unusual applications our nonwovens can be found in.