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Map: Germany and Belgium | European countries with TWE locations

Laboratory: Meulebeke

The laboratory in Meulebeke has a surface area of around 500 m² with a broad selection of test equipment for the widest possible range of application areas, including Hygiene, Building, Filtration, Automotive and Living. 12 laboratory technicians and R&D managers work on testing the nonwovens and developing new products and solutions to meet our customer requirements.

Research & Development at TWE - Laboratory: Meulebeke

Laboratory: Bocholt

The laboratory in Bocholt extends over around 330 m² and is primarily equipped to monitor the process parameters of ongoing production and ensure quality. Various pieces of test equipment are available to enable standard tests to be conducted on the webs coming out of production. There is also the opportunity to conduct various filter tests.

Research & Development at TWE - Laboratory: Bocholt

Laboratory: Emsdetten

The laboratory in Emsdetten houses a wide range of text equipment over around 35 m², enabling us to carry out physical tests on nonwovens from ongoing production. Since the majority of the products manufactured here are for the Business Units 'Cleaning' and 'Automotive', the particular focus in the Emsdetten laboratory is on test methods to determine thickness, weight, elongation, tensile strength, flammability etc.

Research & Development at TWE - Laboratory: Emsdetten

Laboratory: Dierdorf

Extending across approximately 210 m², the quality of ongoing production is tested daily at the Dierdorf site. Eight quality auditors are employed to carry out tests, and they also conduct daily inspections of the nonwovens produced on-site. Webs are produced and tested for the following Business Units: Hygiene, Automotive, Filtration and Building. The standard inspections include testing weight, thickness, maximum tensile force, maximum tensile elongation, tensile strength etc.

Research & Development at TWE - Laboratory: Dierdorf

Laboratory: Rudolstadt

The laboratory in Rudolstadt covers 94 m² and is equipped with all the test equipment required for in-process, initial sample and re-qualification testing of natural fiber mats and the blanks pressed from them. Only emission tests are outsourced. Smaller components and test specimens can be subjected to an alternating climate test. Our laboratory presses enable us to manufacture our test blanks ourselves and to test our material according to the requirements of the OEM automotive standards.

Research & Development at TWE - Laboratory: Rudolstadt

In order to respond to our customers requirements and guarantee the high quality of our product, the properties of TWE Group nonwovens are assessed using a variety of test methods