TWE-Active: Healthy workers – healthy company

Gone are the days when a business was able to get workers from a sheer bottomless pit:
In this era of skills shortages, every co-worker is a difficult to replace spoke in the future-oriented company's wheel. Therefore, TWE Active supports our colleagues in leading a healthy way of work and life. First and foremost, this benefits the people who work with us: After all, who likes to be frequently ill, stressed or tired? In principle, every co-worker knows that sport is important: For health, well-being and for the ability to perform even years from now. However, often it is not possible to combine a challenging job with scheduled sporting activities. Therefore our sporty health care fits in with our employees' timetables.
Workers, who are healthy in body and mind, are rarely sick and also cope well with stressful times, are motivated to work and are therefore able to perform better.
And those who achieve something and are proud of their work feel good and motivated in turn. TWE Active does even more: As our employees do sport together, contacts are made beyond work, allowing empathy and mutual understanding to grow.
This promotes the team spirit and our company climate so that all of us enjoy coming to work. 

Sport at TWE

Here you will find something for everyone! The TWE Group offers its employees a multitude of opportunities to become active in sport.

Sport Events

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Do you want to check out some unusual types of sport? Our Sport Events make this possible!

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Regular sport events

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Working-out regularly with colleagues and doing something for your health: That is written large at TWE. Find out here what we have on offer:

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Growing steadily for years: TWE's own Triathlon Team. Find out here what joint training and a successful team look like!

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Regular sport events round off the extensive, long-term sports programme. Here you find an excerpt from the constantly changing sport event schedule, which we offer in addition to the sports programme.


Some of our colleagues have tasted blood thanks to company sport, and tell us their personal success stories here. Be inspired!


We regularly participate in events and competitions. Here you will find, where we are next active sporty.