Whether in the roof, walls or floor - nonwovens are used virtually everywhere in house-building. Click here and you'll be surprised at just how they can be used:

The TWE Group offers wide-ranging technical nonwoven solutions across different application areas in the building sector, meeting the increasing demand for environmentally-friendly products. Our nonwovens deliver solutions for effective thermal and acoustic insulation, since our professional insulation products comply with all common insulation standards. They also cover application areas such as the roof,  wood-facing panels and partition walls, as well as floors and ceilings. They contain up to 80% recycled fibres and are extremely flexible, stable and compressible. Their low thermal performance and excellent sound insulation ensure they are flexible in use.

Read here about how we have worked with our customers to develop innovative products, solutions and applications covering exciting topics within the TWE Group, and the unusual applications our nonwovens can be found in.