Already since last summer, the preparations for the construction of the brand new production line in the USA are in full swing.

To unload and build the parts delivered in more than 50 40 ft containers, the Fort Wayne plant had first to be expanded. The existing buildings did not provide enough space to set up the new nonwovens plant. Therefore, the existing 15,000 square meters have been extended by the same size.

In addition to the new facility, the newly constructed hall extension now also has enough space to store raw materials and finished goods. The long-term plan is to set-up another production line in this hall, but for the time being the space will be used for the new line, including raw materials and finished goods warehouse.

The new production line will only produce products for the automotive sector. Above all, acoustic nonwovens will be produced using state-of-the-art technology. The production started in June after successful installation of all plant components.

On the 12.06.2019 the time had come and the official opening was celebrated in the presence of all Vita employees as well as the involved companies and representatives of the city Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne representative Scott Naltner, Director of Business Development, was delighted to announce the strong growth of Vita Nonwovens at the Fort Wayne site and the associated 22 new jobs.