INDEX17 in Geneva is Europe's largest meeting place for manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers of nonwovens. Almost 600 exhibitors from more than 40 countries present their products and services to the audience. The TWE Group cannot be missing there!

We will present some of our innovations in Geneva with a particular focus on products from the two business units Hygiene and Healthcare.
The hygiene market has grown steadily over the last few years and the demand of producers, retailers and consumers has also increased. If you want to not only survive, but lead the way in this market, you have to keep ahead and meet the demands of the consumers and manufacturers.
For this reason, we developed our 3-layer nonwoven Amphibia, which is so special that this year we are even nominated for the INDEX17 innovation award.

Amphibia is distinguished by the special structure and by its nature, significantly reduces the core of hygiene and incontinence products in terms of weight and volume. This helps to create, for example, much thinner baby diapers, incontinence articles and femcare products.
The special feature of this product is the patented manufacturing technology that has revolutionised the world of hygiene disposable products. In most hygienic products there is a mixture of pulp and SAP (superabsorbent polymer) as a core with an ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer) on top. However, Amphibia combines an ADL with the absorbing all-in-one core, making it thinner as never before.
In addition to the improved distribution and therefore optimum use of the SAP, it results in a better performance of the absorbing time, rewet and distribution of the liquid. There is also no need for additional adhesive, additional cutting or the addition of a further layer, since Amphibia is already made up of all the necessary components.
With changes in weight, structure, capillarity and chemical properties, Amphibia can also be used in the area of women's hygiene, adult and child care as well as medical care.

As a further highlight, we also present our supersoft topsheets and backsheets.
With the new "Softcover" product line, TWE Group is following the high demand for extra soft products. In cooperation with selected fibre producers, the "Velo" project was created to develop a product that sets completely new standards in the field of softness. These are specialised fibre formulations that enable an unprecedented softness for our products. Due to the optimal fibre distribution we offer an extremely good core cover and also various possibilities of calendaring  are given, so that also visual stimuli can be set.
You can feel the value of your premium products - with TWE products!

Learn more about our products at our stand no. 2158 in Geneva and visit our live test demonstrationsand product presentations of Amphibia - daily at 10am and 3pm!