At TWE sport is very important. Because sport is not only good for the body but also for the soul. And the health of our colleagues is very important to us. That is why we have a wide range of sporting activities for our colleagues.
In addition to many regular offers such as personal training in the gym, running training, tennis training and much more there are also one-day sport events.
In the last few weeks many of our colleagues have participated in some of these sporting events.
For example the colleagues from Bocholt, who went with canoes on the Bocholter Aa. Fortunately the weather was good, so that it dind’t matter, that just after a few minutes everyone landed in the water.

Our colleagues from Meulebeke, on the other hand, have done some laps at the Koeketieneloop in Belgium. At this contest you will not be rewarded with an award for the best result but after each 2.2 km round adults receive a beer an children a waffle. That’s why it is so popular for the whole family. It’s not about the best result but about having a good time together.

The colleagues in Emsdetten have tried in archery. After a brief explanation of the handling of the bow, a few arrows were fired on the targets and then the everyone was able show their marksmanship during the competition.

Last but not least a lot of training has been done for the upcoming triathlon in Frankfurt in 5 weeks. And exercising in a bigger group is always more fun than alone the TWE TRI-TEAM has also taken part in a swim training, a fun triathlon and the preparatory competition in Steinbeck to improve their technique in the three disciplines swimming, cycling and running. Everything with the professional management of the coaches from Dirk Bläcker’s fitness school.

For the coming weeks other activities such as various mountain bike tours, a spinning course and bodyweight training in the gym are planned.