For several years now, we have been surprising our customers and employees at Christmas with 'Aktion Mensch' lottery tickets.

This allows us not only to support social projects, but also to give our colleagues the opportunity to win big.

The focus of "Aktion Mensch" is its commitment to people with disabilities, children and young people. They work to improve their living conditions and are committed to achieving inclusion, the natural coexistence of people with and without disabilities in all areas of life. With its campaigns and actions, it brings the topic of inclusion into the public eye to show that diversity is a special value in our coexistence.

TWE has given away almost 3,000 raffle tickets since 2019 and has thus been able to hand over almost €52,000 to "Aktion Mensch" with the purchase of the raffle tickets, thus supporting many social projects.

You can find more info about "Aktion Mensch" here.