All companies in the UN Global Compact are required to report on their progress in implementing the 10 principles and their activities to promote sustainable development. 
The annual Communication on Progress (CoP) is addressed to investors, business partners, customers and suppliers of the company, civil society organizations and government agencies. 

In this way, the UN Global Compact pursues the following goals:

Promotion of transparency

  • Continuous improvement of corporate activities

  • Ensuring the integrity of the UN Global Compact and the United Nations

  • Promoting mutual learning through the dissemination of good practices

    The CoP of the TWE Group is now published on our UN Global Compact profile and can be viewed there.

    Here you will find, among other things, the following information:

    Management statement on the company's ongoing commitment to the UN Global Compact and further efforts to implement and promote the 10 principles.

  • Description of activities and measures the company is implementing or intends to implement in the future to implement the 10 principles in the four thematic areas of the UN Global Compact (human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and prevention of corruption)

  • Measurement and evaluation of results based on defined indicators for the four thematic areas.

    As a company, we are proud to take this important step toward a sustainable future and to work continuously on it.