TWE Group Airweb media guarantee pure air in public buildings, airports, department stores, hospitals and even in your own home. As a pocket filter, filter cassette or filter mat, our media offer supreme efficiency and economical life cycles.

See how versatile our nonwovens are in their potential applications:


By processing microfibres and additives (colour spraying, flame-resistant treatment, rendering them oleophobic/hydrophobic), we are meeting growing customer requirements.
Our portfolio comprises pocket filter media and pre-filter media for filter classes G3 to M6 in weights from 50 to 350 g. We also supply pleated media for filter classes G3 in M5 in weights from 150 to 300 g and filter mats and filter mat cuts for filter classes G2 to M6 in weights from 80 to 2,000 g.


Spray booths

In spray booths, our synthetic ceiling and floor filters guarantee the best varnishing results. Finished with adhesive-free, fully impregnated bonding agents and scrim fabric, ceiling filters 'Made by TWE' represent the highest of quality. 

Automotive Filtration

Whether cabin air or combustion air: Our media boast high dust retention and long life cycles. Voluminous and/or sprayed media help to increase dust retention capacity and keep out moisture. Multi-layer composites are setting new benchmarks for filter elements. They are foldable, malleable and fully recyclable. 


In synthetic vacuum cleaner bags, our microfibre media significantly improve dust Holding and optimise efficiency. In vacuum cleaners too, where our media are used as motor protection filters or exhaust air filters, they do not allow any dust to escape.