We always have the right filter nonwoven for you, for any type of system and required filter gauge: 

The common two-dimensional filter nonwovens, such as ParaFil and ParaPrint, are sufficient for coarse filtration when high levels of filter cake build up is not needed.

To filter finer particles efficiently, you need a filter nonwoven that allows the greatest possible build up of filter cake, as the structure of the filter cake helps to filter especially fine particles.

In the case of our three-dimensional filter nonwovens, such as ParaMoll, and particularly ParaJet, the filter cake first builds up on the inside of the filter nonwoven and ensures an especially high filter cake on the surface. The higher it is, the cleaner the result.

The increasingly improved manufacturing quality in today's production places new demands on the entire production process and requires even finer filtration. Therefore our engineers have developed the TWE 3D filter nonwovens and now ensure deep filtration for the cleanest results with the gradual build-up of ParaJet evo.