It started in 2010 with three squads taking part in the first TWE Triathlon in Saerbeck.

Meanwhile, the TWE TRI-TEAM has grown to 46 active athletes. It is no surprise that this sport enthrals many people, as the combination of the three sports of swimming, cycling and running is something special. The change-over between the three disciplines makes this sport exciting. Having done your swim, you ride your bike and then complete the triathlon with a run. That is a great challenge for the body as you change from horizontal to vertical, and the motion sequences in the disciplines are completely different. Your brain has to coordinate all this.

You can see that this type of sport brings enormous fun considering the numerous Triathlon events taking place around the world. 

The Ironman in Hawaii is the hardest competition of all. Apart from the hot temperatures, you also have to battle with the very high air humidity. Those who reach the finish have really achieved something!

Distances vary per race from the Everyman distance to the Olympic discipline. There are even some extreme versions: For the Ultraman, a triathlete completes an incredible distance of 10 km swimming, 421 km cycling and a double marathon (84 km). The tournament is held over three days and the fastest starter finished in 21 hours and 41 minutes.

Triathletes in Germany train on average nine hours per week, professional triathletes four times as much. 75,600 litres of liquids and soup are consumed at the Ironman in Hawaii each year - for 1,800 starters that is 42 litres per head. A triathlete burns 10,036 kilo calories on average in the course of an Ironman day. That is as much energy as you find in approx. 3 kilograms of jelly bears.

Our TWE TRI-TEAM might still be way a long way off these levels, nevertheless many colleagues have already caught triathlon fever. Colleagues are trained by two coaches from the fitness school and start their intensive training in all three disciplines about half a year before the competition. Apart from practising the individual disciplines, the change-over between the disciplines is also rehearsed in squad training.  And during an intensive weekend all participants come together once more to train in all disciplines together.

Apart from many smaller triathlons we also take part in a highlight event once a year, be it the Triathlon in Frankfurt (Germany), Kortrijk (Belgium) or the world's biggest Triathlon in Hamburg with over 10,000 starters. This is how the TWE TRI-TEAM spends a whole weekend in the summer, together in one place rooting for each other in the races. The "outing" is then rounded off with a joint team dinner, where the results and impressions of the day are shared.

It is particularly special that the colourful mix of triathlon newcomers and "old hands“ benefits everyone in the team. This how the "repeat offenders" can pass on tips and experiences to the novices and those colleagues, who are there for the first time, have experienced  triathletes at their side, who will support them in their first tournament. The focus of these events is above all to have fun - results are of secondary importance.