Our nonwovens can be used in varied ways on the car exterior. They can be used as a substrate in the wheel casing, or as a protective nonwoven in the underbody, for example. Not only can they be used after extensive deformation, they can also be coated and welded. On request, nonwovens from the TWE Group can be chemically finished, laminated with film or combined with many other materials. They can make them oil and water-repellent.

Underbody shield | protective nonwovens for vehicle exteriors by TWE

TWE Group nonwovens are used in the engine compartment as acoustic absorbers, cover materials on bonnets/end wall insulation, battery covers and much more. In this area, our nonwovens offer optimum protection against other aggregates and can also be enhanced with various chemical finishes to achieve exceptional flame protection and make them oil and diesel-repellent, and much more.

Our needled nonwovens are used in the wheel casing as a substrate and light protective cover. Additional chemical finishes render them oil and water-repellent. Our nonwovens lend themselves very well to being coated and can also be used following extensive deformation. They are made from 100% polyester, can be welded and are robust. Film laminates and many other combinations of materials are possible. Our high-performance nonwovens are also used to minimise vehicle noise. For use in the underbody area, we offer high-performance needled nonwovens as a protective material. Depending on customer requirements, these can also be oil and water-repellent, and so are excellent for exterior use. Additionally, our nonwovens are characterised by their excellent lamination and deformation capabilities. Our absorption nonwovens can also be used here to significantly reduce noise when driving.