Power, concentration, endurance...
... these are the three things that make archery into a sport. 

Power to draw the bow and to keep it steady, concentration to be calm enough even in wind and rain to find the necessary precision to shoot the arrow and endurance to maintain the same rhythm for shooting over many hours.  

Archery is the high art of repetition: Each shot needs you to concentrate fully on your body over and over again, building tension and getting as near as possible to the perfect sequence of movements to hit the golden target with each arrow. 

This supports the mind and posture as you challenge the whole body and train a proper stance.  Controlled breathing contributes to relaxation and concentration. The interchange of tension and relaxation of the whole of the musculature brings about better body awareness. Archery is also successfully applied as therapy for back and spinal injuries and for psychosomatic symptoms (such as burn out).

Archery became an Olympic sport in 1972.
Our know-how is not yet good enough to participate in this, but it is great fun to draw the arrows with colleagues and for once it is a totally different sport.