Away from hard roads, our mountain bike tours offer an excellent alternative to training for runs. Quick body reaction, going up and down, even jumping promotes power, endurance and coordination in particular.

More and more colleagues are attracted to mountain biking and enjoy riding across rough terrains at high speed. Mountain biking offers the intensive experience of nature similar to that of running, but is even more versatile because of the various challenges of each terrain.

The aim is to conduct a joint sports event, which not only brings about the improvement of one's own  fitness, but that also strengthens the team spirit by being in a group. Therefore regular mountain bike tours are held through the Teutoburg Woods.

We start at the Surenburg in Riesenbeck with a short introductory round, in order to make an entry to the sport as easy as possible for our beginners.

Our professional coaches offer individual training to anyone, adapted to each person's abilities, so that training success is achieved as efficiently as possible. "Much progress in achieving endurance and power could be seen after only a short while. This is possible because our coaches give individual advice. We are always on the track with a super group," says Udo, who has joined many a tour in the past.