The sport events, which are planned throughout the year, could not be any more diverse and varied.
At these events we provide unusual types of sport, which you do not find in the normal range of sports on offer and which are meant to be an alternative to the classic sporting disciplines. 

The offer ranges from archery to yoga and curling to golf or a climbing tour. And we are happy to consult with our colleagues on this.
At the end of the year we ask our colleagues, which events they want to see in the next year and incorporate these requests into the programme. This allows any employee to join one of the many events irrespective of his/her sporting level, as having fun is the priority for most events, rather than sporting prowess.

The team spirit is more important here, as - when you are rowing a canoe - you only can move when you row together and - when you are climbing - you hang in the air without a colleague safeguarding you.