How would you describe a typical day at work, and what are typical tasks at TWE for a student completing a dual course of studies?
What my day at work looks like and what tasks I have to complete always depend to a great extent on the departments I am working in. At TWE, as a student completing a dual course of studies, I generally work my way through the same departments as an apprentice in the commercial field. This is because my course of studies is connected to an industrial management assistant apprenticeship. As a result, I gain insights into almost every department of our company and get to know the work sequences and the tasks. In the HR department, for instance, I assume responsibility for the correspondence with applicants and am involved in the work with apprentices.
In the laboratory, I got to know almost all our testing methods and thus also gained an insight into quality assurance.
Due to the flexitime model at TWE, I am able to vary my daily hours to complete the respective tasks. "Most of the time, I start at about 7:30 a.m. and then take my lunch break at about 12:30 p.m. together with the other apprentices and colleagues. At about 4:30 p.m. I end my day's work.

What do you enjoy most about the work? What do you like best?
I am always happy about concluding a project successfully and really appreciate that I am able to solve tasks independently and autonomously.
Particularly interesting in this regard is also the combination between the theory from my course of studies and the practical implementation in the company. At work, I often notice that I am thinking about a lecture and suddenly find a real-life example for the professor's words.

To what extent have you developed further at a personal level during your training?
Within the context of my studies, TWE has given me the opportunity to complete a semester abroad in Australia and, subsequently, to work in our Chinese subsidiary in Hangzhou for a month. Thanks to this, I improved my English proficiency enormously and have also become more independent at a personal level, in addition to having gathered a great deal of experience.

When you think back, what were your first days at TWE like?
I got to know TWE a couple of years ago as an intern while I was still at school. Already then, I really enjoyed being there and felt right at home among the many friendly and helpful colleagues. I am happy to be a part of all of this now.

Where is your main place of work?
During my first 1.5 years at TWE, I gained experience in all key departments such as sales, procurement and financial accounting. Currently, I am getting to know controlling.

What other departments are you getting to know during your training?
In addition to the usual departments, I could also get to know the work sequences in production and design. The data I entered in our system was found in practice again in production . TWE gave me the possibility to gain insights in all steps, from order placement to the completion and delivery of our non-wovens and to understand the internal processes, having experienced them in practice.

Which vocational college do you attend? What is a typical day like at the vocational college and the administrative academy? Which subjects are taught there?
Every semester, I have block teaching lectures for about 8-10 weeks. The lectures always vary greatly and last until about 3:00 p.m. In the subjects like general business economics, accounting, marketing and economics, we learn what we need to know to master the daily challenges at work. What is more, there also are lectures on legal topics that acquaint us with commercial law and civil law.

How are you supported at TWE during your training?
I really enjoy being at TWE. Whenever I have questions or problems, I always have numerous contact persons who support me in word and deed. There always was a feedback conversation after having completed my time at a specific department. This allowed me to continuously improve with regard to some aspects. Training offers and other further education offers allow me to develop continuously.

Which tips do you have for applicants?
You should definitely be open for something new. I learnt a lot during my dual course of studies and gained a great deal of experience. What is more, one should be interested in business topics.

Do you have any plans once you complete your training?
Because the chances of being offered an employment contract at TWE are very good, I would like to make use of this opportunity and work in the controlling area on a daily basis.