In order to produce finished nonwoven mats from natural fibers, the natural fibers have to go through various production steps. Various natural fibers, such as flax, hemp, kenaf or jute, as well as polypropylene fibers are used here, in order to form solid pressed parts from the flexible mats during subsequent processing.

At the beginning of the production process, the various raw material bales are opened in the bale opener and weighed in the desired ratio, depending on the product specification. 

In the second step, the weighed natural fibers are fed into the Lin opener, in which the fiber bundles are opened further still in order to mix them evenly in the mixing chamber, since a homogeneous fiber mixture is an essential element for the subsequent component’s quality.

The now finished fiber blend is fed from the mixing chamber into the needle fabric processor. Here it is opened a second time before the preliminary fabric is laid and fed to the needle machine as a fiber pile using the Air-Lay principle. The loose fiber mat is now mechanically consolidated by needles and then punched into customer-specific shapes and sizes. 

Finishing is also carried out according to customer requirements. Thus the natural fiber nonwovens can be produced and supplied on rolls, in rectangular format, or according to individual specifications.