Football is the number 1 general sport in Germany. But why is football so popular? 

Football is a team sport, where many different "talents" are required. You need coordination and condition, you must be a team player and be able to react quickly. The situations in the game and its rules are manifold so it becomes rarely boring. You do not need any particular abilities or special equipment to play football. The game's form is simple and it can be practised anywhere.   

TWE also has many hobby kickers and, as football is a team sport, our production and administration colleagues play together as a team.

Therefore, a small amateur football field was constructed at a former company site a few years ago, where joint training can take place regularly.  

Our colleagues also compete in local tournaments and organise a competition now and then with colleagues at their respective sites. We participate each year in the Emsdetten Sohlmann Cup and compete with other teams for this popular trophy. The tournament is organised by a local firm and local companies participate who want to compete with other teams.
A lively social programme rounds off the event and all revenues later benefit a good cause.