How did you find out about the TWE Group sports programme?

Apart from the personal induction plan and various other information, there was also a flyer about the TWE sports programme in the welcome pack on my first working day at TWE. A few days later, Dirk Bläcker appeared in my office and asked whether I wanted to join the sports programme. I first checked out the training sessions a few times. Initially only one day per week in the evening. Then several sessions of training followed on Wednesday lunchtimes in a group of 5 - 7 TWE employees. This quickly became three days a week, either immediately after work or in the lunch break. At the end of January I entered into a bet with the coach: "20 kg weight loss by the end of June" – my ambition was inspired. And? I won this bet! In retaliation, a follow-on bet was made. My target: Under 100 kg by mid- December 2017. I won this bet too!

Which sport do you do with TWE?

I was mainly interested in "pushing weights". But Dirk managed - with his versatile training schedule - to also interest me in "bodyweight",  that is power training using one's own body weight only. I also take part in other events such as the TWE fun triathlon or the mountain bike tours, when I can manage the time. Now and then I also play badminton with colleagues. 

Is there a reason why you started doing sport?

Why did I start sport at TWE?  I had visited various fitness studios. At first you are most euphoric. You go a lot, however, your enthusiasm wanes after a while and at the end you are just a paying member. Good for the studio, bad for yourself. My son was born at the beginning of 2016 and I wanted to be able to fool around with him outside one day without needing an oxygen tank after 10 minutes. This "clicked" ... since then I am working steadily on it. I hope that sport will allow me to phase out my medication against high blood pressure in the near future. And another positive side effect would be G.26 fitness for the voluntary fire service. These are additional reasons, which spur me on.  

How has the in-house sport programme helped you to integrate sport into your life?

Personal Training with my own coach from the fitness school laid a firm basis for me. Now I challenge myself. I also look after my diet better, but don't go without anything.  So, when I celebrate at the weekend I do one training session more the following week or fetch my breakfast sandwich by bike rather than by car. Before, I would have just celebrated. 

What success could you record so far?

I am clearly fitter, I have built up muscle and I've obviously lost 20 kg. In 2017 I decided, at short notice, to also support the TWE TRI-TEAM at the triathlon and to take up a place that had become vacant.  I entered the Everyman distance in Frankfurt  (400 m swimming, 12 km cycling and 5 km running) for this and successfully managed to get to the finish. 

Have you got a special target?

Yes, a few. As far as sport is concerned I am working on the following targets: 1. to get to 99,9 kg and then to maintain this weight. This will be the greatest challenge for me and for ever. 2.To start in 2018 as individual starter at the Hamburg triathlon in the sprint discipline (0,5km swimming / 20 km cycling / 5 km running) 3. to take part in a marathon relay at the Münster Marathon, as running unfortunately is not one of my favourite sports and never will be.

Is there any sport, which you would like to do as part of the TWE sport programme, that has not been offered so far? 

I would find training for boxing interesting. TWE has already offered this, but it was never realised due to lack of interest. May be this will come about one day?