How did you find out about the TWE Group sports programme?

The sports programme is announced here at the Emsdetten factory on notice boards or via the e-mail system. Moreover, Dirk Bläcker introduced the comprehensive programme at an information event. Because of my personal health situation my doctors advised me to take up long term fitness training. I chose the appropriate offers for this, and have been actively involved since October 2016.

Which sport do you do with TWE?

I started in October 2016 with a spinning course. The course lasted 20 weeks. I am already registered again for the course starting this year. A new programme was created in June 2017 via the fitness school; running + bodyweight training for beginners. Endurance and general fitness are trained here in relaxed units. TWE employees could also register relatives for these activities. My wife also takes advantage of various offers. Moreover, I have tried out several taster offers (archery, golf, ..). Primarily these offers are great opportunities to meet colleagues from other departments in a private atmosphere. 

Is there a reason why you started doing sport?

Yes, definitely. I only used to follow sport on TV whilst relaxing on the couch.
In spring 2015 a health check discovered a heart condition. Because of this condition, my heart has a reduced capacity (cardiac insufficiency). Following this diagnosis, doctors recommended that I should lead a "healthier" life. This not only includes a sensible diet, but mostly a lot of exercise. And what is better than doing sport regularly? The TWE sport programme offered me the appropriate activities and it was a logical consequence for me to join in. 

How has the in-house sport programme helped you to integrate sport into your life?

From April – October 2016 I did a running course at the running club Emsdetten (LGE). After the running course, my motivation to run increased steadily. The offer to take part in a spinning course from autumn 2016 came for me at precisely the right time to turn the "corner" again. The group programmes apply the soft pressure to encourage me to participate. The same applies to the running + bodyweight squad, which started in 2017. It is much easier in a group and it is great fun to be active. 

What success could you record so far?

A big success for me is simply to take part in the programmes and the regular training connected with it. I feel significantly fitter and more resilient in daily life. Furthermore, I was able to reduce my body weight by around 30 kg by doing sport and adopting a healthier lifestyle. One sporting success was participating in a 10 km run, which I finished successfully. More runs are planned for our group for autumn 2017.

Have you got a special target?

My most important target is to strengthen my cardiovascular system by training regularly and to stabilise my heart condition. Particular times or best performances are irrelevant to me. The sport targets are limited to successful participation in the group, taking part in one or two fun runs.  

Is there any sport, which you would like to do as part of the TWE sport programme, that has not been offered so far? 
I can't name any particular sports. I would be happy if campaigns would take place to promote the team spirit, such as the recent team archery competition or the relay biathlon planned for September. As hobby airgun marksman, I would also look forward to an appropriate opportunity on the shooting range.