How did you find out about the TWE Group sports programme?

A colleague asked me a few years ago if I could swim. I said yes, half amused, half indignant, and she informed me that there was a group of TWE employees who would like to start a triathlon and that more participants are sought. My colleague Wolfgang and I immediately signed in with the goal of participating in the relay as a swimmer. 

Which sport do you do with TWE?

I take part in the triathlon's main annual competition, as a swimmer or as a runner, and in all three disciplines since last year. I plan that for the coming year in Hamburg.

Is there a reason why you started doing sport?

I ran canoe racing in my youth and continued to do so in the form of sea kayaking. After that I never stopped doing sports. Only that the disciplines and sports have changed. And: Without the good coaching by the two coaches Dirk & Dirk and the great organization around the competitions by the other colleagues of TWE, the motivation hurdle, e.g. to participate in a triathlon competition, would be very low. I think, "alone" I would not raise myself to it. In the team, the preparation is just more fun and on site everything is perfectly organized.

How has the in-house sport programme helped you to integrate sport into your life? 

Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to regularly participate in the offered training sessions because of my tasks in the company, because I travel a lot. But: I feel like a member of the TWE TRI Team and try to keep up with it regularly. At every plant in Germany I know the nearest swimming pool and running is always possible everywhere. In addition, I am a member of a superregional fitness chain and can train there in Kiel, Friedrichshafen, Koblenz and Münster after work. I'm really looking forward to the competition in Hamburg and that motivates me.

What success could you record so far?

For me the biggest success is that I enjoy sports and I do it of my own accord. Thanks to the TWE TRI Team, I had the opportunity, even late in life, to learn how to swim professionally! For projects in Switzerland, I really enjoyed swimming in the crystal-clear Rhine or training at another location in the Baltic Sea. We have another project in Switzerland in 2018 - I am already looking forward to swim in the Rhine there.

Have you got a special target?

Stay healthy for as long as possible in the current moderate measure continue to be able to do sports. And in addition to the Hamburg Triathlon in 2018 to make a few sea kayak tours around the North Sea islands.

Is there any sport, which you would like to do as part of the TWE sport programme, that has not been offered so far? 

No. However, I hope to be able to participate more regularly in training sessions in the group in 2018.